Software for the Mobile Enterprise

Cost of Software

2go Software is delivered as a service for a low monthly fee. There is no need to purchase servers, licensing and hire an IT firm to manage it. SaaS (Software as a 
Service) can be deployed anywhere in the world in minutes.


Your system is setup and ready to go immediately. Data can be imported and the system can be modified if needed for a programming fee. Typical implementation takes between 1 and 2 months


2go is easy to use. It is a mobile application and very similar to other mobile apps that you and your employees are already using.

setup and configuration

We walk you through setting up distributions centers, Routes, Trucks and Users.

Integration and customization

2go can be integrated to back end systems and those of your other trading partners. The system can be modified to meet your needs.

Mobile applications

2GO Mobile helps businesses with field operations to be more efficient and provide better customer service. Our product is delivered as service (SaaS) so it is simple and cost effective to deploy. We support mobile workers in the areas of Field Sales, Field Service, Proof of Delivery and Direct Store Delivery. 2GO is a good fit for both large and small companies and can be customized to fit your needs. Using mobile hand held computers, our users are able to better manage people, vehicles and inventory outside the four walls of the business. Jobs are dispatched to field employees, locations are tracked with GPS, and inventory both on the truck and the warehouse is found and routed–all in real time.

field service

proof of delivery

direct store delivery

Why automate field service?

Watch this fun whiteboard animation to understand how 2go can benefit your organization?


Here a re few examples of how our clients use our software


A manufacturer of decorative paper products has a single location for distribution and manufacturing. they have sales reps in various parts of the country. 2go allows them to remotely place orders. The orders are integrated to their ERP and shipped the same afternoon.


Hospital Groups use 2go to track the delivery of lab specimens. HIPAA requirements are met and complete chain of custody is maintained. Signatures are captured. Lab specimens are scanned via bar codes for accuracy.

Mail Centers

Universities and large organizations with internal package delivery couriers use 2go to track and forward incoming mail and packages to the correct recipient.